Con información de beMatrix

beMatrix®:  the original frame system with big holes since 1993--a heritage we proudly carry forward—paces an emphasis on quality and sustainability. As the originator of this exhibit building concept, we continue to re!nvent it by continually adding improvements like curves, pivot doors and the ability to use both hard panel and fabric graphics in the same frame.

We produce a Tooless™ system, which focuses on turning the 'wall frame system' into a '360° hidden building solution' with integrity and respect for people and the planet.

beMatrix® is committed to innovation. The one constant in the Exhibit and Event industry is change. Keeping pace with this constant evolution means our R&D team is continually researching new solutions and reevaluating existing ones. Winning Red Dot Design Awards in 2013 and 2017 underscores the commitment to innovation. 

Working with beMatrix® means counting on continuous support by a professional experienced team, that synchronizes its thinking with yours in all phases of your project. It starts with the design: your drafts are translated into technical documents that include: detailed parts lists, clear detail drawings showing frames, connectors and accessories, as well as a dynamic three-dimensional model.

beMatrix® continuously invests in the quality of its products, facilities and people to be the best system and the best partner in the world.

beMatrix®, with North American headquarters located in Norcross, GA and Global headquarters in Belgium, operates worldwide through an international network of dealers and agents. With strategic locations all around the globe, beMatrix® customers can be assured of seamless service no matter where their Exhibit and Event programs take them.

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