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The Clear Span Tent Manufacturer You Can Count on

SHELTER STRUCTURES is a professional modular fabric structures manufacturer based in China, offering worldwide supply of aluminum framed tent products. Shelter temporary structures are widely used as temporary or semi-permanent venue including wedding, event, warehousing, airplane hangar, military, mining, sports and more.

Over 13 years, Shelter is committed to providing high-quality tent structures and the most suitable, economical solutions to all clients. We are the official supplier for United Nations, Latin America Mining Industry, Military Defense Organizations in many countries. Also, we have supplied our product for world iconic brand, for example Benz, BMW, Audi, Olympic PGA Tour, NASCAR Tour, US Surfing Open, WTA to name just few.

Shelter production base covers an area over 100,000SQM with cutting-edge technology of designing, CNC production and top-notch delivery and installation service. All of our products have complied with ISO 9001 quality standards. Fire retardant standard is approved by the EU: DIN 4102, B1, M2 / US: NFPA 701. Shelter is a member of IFAI(USA), earned Famous Brand in China, awarded Golden Supplier by Alibaba.

High-quality Material & Prefabricated Construction

All the fabric building from SHELTER STRUCTURES are framed with hard pressed aluminum alloy and have strong enclosure system which can withstand up to 100km/h wind load, snow load over 80kg/sqm. Lifespan over 20 years.

With the modular design, our clear span tent is easy in transporting, dismantling, storage and maintenance. Even years later, you could be able to combine and expand the tent capacity. All of the accessories are designed into cassette components which are convenient in replacement in the future.

Shelter has Your Cover in Any Events

As the leading tent manufacturer, Shelter provides all sizes and styles clear span structures with wide span size [10 - 60m (30’ - 200’)]. And the length can be unlimited by expanding bay distance. Such kinds of the product will be flexible in capacity and seat arrangement. Also, we offer all accessories options for our clients including sidewall, door, lining, curtain and floor system.

Leading Warehouse Building Supplier

For industrial or commercial need, We would suggest a warehouse construction in M Series. It is the “A” frame building in the width from 10m to 60m and eave height from 4.0m to 8.0m. They are the ideal structures for temporary commercial warehouse and industrial storage, logistic warehousing center/dock, and production workshop like mining/oil field.

Considering to the need of a secured and climate controlled warehouse, we also provide industrial doors(steel roller shutter), HVAC system, and thermal roof solution to build a safeguarded and insulated storage.

Weather-resistance Airplane hangar

The aircraft hangar building from SHELTER is with a curved roof, which reduces unnecessary material waste on the sidewall. But also making sufficient width and height to allow any scale of aviation.

In order to make an hangar for code A, B private jet or gyroplane, we would suggest classic “A” frame clear span structures, in width of 10m to 30m and ridge height from 5.60m to 8.95m to make adequate space for 8-10 plane.

And for the needs of an Airbus or Boeing hangar to accommodate large code D, code E Civil or military aviation, we would suggest Tension fabric structure with an arcum roof in the width from 18m to 60m and ridge height from 7.60m to 19.60m.

SHELTER also provide fully enclosed hangar doors system to protect the high-precision flight equipment from unfavorable weather. A plane hangar can be enclosed with electric driven rolling shutter doors, bi-fold doors, aluminum sliding doors and clamshell/eyelid hangar doors.

Relocatable & Detachable Mining Shade

Shelter Structures provides durable shelter to protect your outdoor mining and oiling project. They are weather resistance to prevent mining machinery from long-term sunlight exposure, and also better protect the miners to ensure a smooth progress of mining projects.

Our tent structures are the modular building that framed with hard pressed aluminum alloy. which means, they are detachable, relocatable, and also stainless for a longer lifespan.

We have developed a wide range of products to meet the height of heavy mining equipment. Those mining buildings can be widely used as temporary lunch & break area, mining shade, machinery storage, and tent dormitory.

For more information watch this video Promotion video from Shelter Tent.