Las herramientas para el desarrollo de eventos avanza rápidamente, las redes sociales se convierten en las más cercanas a nosotros; profundicemos un poco más en LinkedIn y los 8 tips que Bizzabo presenta:

Although LinkedIn started as a job hunting site, it has grown into a platform where professionals can gather to share their experiences and build connections.

Getting the most out of LinkedIn is as simple as starting a few habits and filling out certain profile sections. Below is a list of a few LinkedIn profile tips so that event organizers can build a profile that is irresistible to potential clients.

1. Create A Stand-Out Headline

Many LinkedIn users slap their position and company into their headlines and leave it at that. What you must keep in mind, though, is that the headline is the first thing potential clients will notice when looking at your profile, and it could very well be THE factor that entices people to click on your profile.

Consider event planner, Corbin Ball's profile below...

His headline is self-promotional, rather than just a job a typical job description. That way, if someone discovers him as a result of a LinkedIn search, they'll be more likely to visit his profile.

To have the upper hand against your competition, it's important to make the most of your 120 characters allotted for your LinkedIn headline.

Social Media Examiner suggests slipping your specialties into your headline. ThisLinkedIn profile tip helps visitors to understand your skills right away.

You can also beef up your headline with specific keywords. What do you want to be known for? What do you excel at? Incorporate these skills and aspirations into your headline to increase LinkedIn profile views.

2. Spice Up Your Summary

The summary is the core of your professional story; without a strong summary, your profile will fall flat.

Although this 2000 character space can be hard to fill, your LinkedIn summary is your opportunity to highlight what sets you apart from other professionals.

Simply Hired suggests has a bunch of LinkedIn profile tips to add spice to your summary. For instance, you can state how your accomplishments have affected your business or your clients.

Or, you can begin with a narrative of how you first got started in the event planning industry.

Writing in the first person is often frowned upon when writing professionally. However, speaking directly to your audience may help them better connect with your professional story.

Personal details give your summary vigor and intrigue, but avoid using trite phrases to describe yourself, such as "great communicator," or "team player." 3. Communicate Your Professional Story

For event planners looking to strengthen their experience section, consider ignoring overused resume-style formatting. Instead, take on a first person perspective.

Much more can be said for your experiences in a well thought out paragraph than in a couple of bullet points.

Go into detail on each experience. What skills did you gain while working at a given position? What did you accomplish?

For the sake of uniformity, tie in your experiences to your LinkedIn profile summary.

4. Upload Media To Prove Your Expertise

Certain sections on your LinkedIn profile have options to add media, such as documents, photos, videos, and presentations. Uploading past work onto your profile allows viewers to see evidence that you are as talented as you say you are. Below is an example some of the content on Event Manager Blog editor, Julius Solaris's LinkedIn Profile. He really puts this LinkedIn profile tip into practice.

It's important to take the next step by describing each piece of media you upload

Answer possible questions your profile viewers may have. How long were you working on your project? Who did the project affect? What skills were needed to accomplish it? What was the impact of the project?

By adding content to your profile, potential clients, employees, and employers can be assured of your skills.

5. Upload Posts To The LinkedIn Community Each Week

The all-in-one marketing platform, Hubspot suggests taking time each week to craft an interesting or helpful post for people in your LinkedIn community.

Maybe you're planning an upcoming event, that you want to promote? Or, you might be starting a job at a new company or with a new client? Consider putting this LinkedIn profile tip into action by writing an update about what's going on with your career.

Let your professional network know what new opportunities are popping up for you.

If you don't necessarily have a professional status update, you can always summarize a helpful event planning resource you found. The best way to expand your social media reach on LinkedIn, is to regularly share helpful event planning content with your community. While the content you create doesn't have to be lengthy, it should be genuinely helpful.

6. Manage Your Endorsements

As you progress through your career and build your professional network, connections may begin to endorse certain skills you list on your profile.

Although endorsements can give your profile credibility, they can also take up unnecessary space when the endorsements don't highlight your strengths and specialties.

Remember to edit or remove endorsements that you don't think add to your profile.

Be sure to organize your skills in order of strength or importance. The event planning skills you find most relevant to your job should be at the top of your skills list.

The screenshot above is an example of a well-organized series of skills, as seen on Liz King's profile.

7. Explore LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a robust knowledge center hosted within the business networking site. With Pulse, you can keep up with the event planning industry by following major companies and online influencers.

You and your company can also share content on Pulse, which allows you to spread industry news to people outside of your network - thus expanding your online influence and reach.

8. Share Your LinkedIn Profile On Other Channels

For event planners looking to expand their networks, this LinkedIn profile tip is a must. Add a link to your LinkedIn profile in your Twitter and Facebook bio. That way, visitors to your other networks will be able to easily find you on LinkedIn.

Also consider adding a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email signature.

Event organizers can acquire new clients and expand their social media influence and manage thier personal brand by making some strategic tweaks to their LinkedIn profile.

Remember to create a stand-out headline and personal summary that work together to grab visitors' attention. Consider moving away from traditional resume-style job descriptions by using first-person paragraphs to convey key points about a specific job or project.

Upload strategic pieces of media, curate endorsements, and engage in content sharing and following on LinkedIn to improve the credibility of your profile and to expand your online reach.

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