By participating in eis you will have benefits that you will not find in any other expo.

You will be able to create alliances with top level professionals.

Get to know and keep ahead of your direct and indirect competitors.

Boost your company with our massive mailings

that are sent every two weeks in the section "Meet our exhibitors" with a link to your website and mentions in social media of the event.

At the event we will provide you with a tool for interaction

to generate an electronic base with your potential clients.

Event Industry Show

These are the opinions of our exhibitors

  •  Will your company’s investment in time and money return you in image positioning and money?
  •  Quality visitors

Interview videos
with exhibitors

Check out some video here.

Digital media:

Event Industry Show
  • Display network
  • Google Remarketing 
  • Google Search 
  • Google Video
  • Electronic newsletter to over 30 thousand contacts throughout the year

Print media:

Event Industry Show
  • MDC Magazine
  • Latinamerica Meetings Magazine
  • Informa BTL Magazine
  • Exhibition Floor Directory 
  • 2,500 EIS printed invitations

Public Relations

Event Industry Show
  • Press conference 
  • Relations with associations and organizations in the field 
  • One-on-one interviews with specialized media 
  • Mentions and interviews in radio and specialized media 
  • Press release with relevant sector data

Social media

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  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest



Event Industry Show
Event Industry Show


Event Industry Show
Event Industry Show
Event Industry Show
Event Industry Show


Event Industry Show
Event Industry Show
Event Industry Show