Experiential Marketing

The only real sample of experiences for events, where besides living them instead of imagining them, you can surround yourself and meet the gurus who set trends for the industry.

EVENT INDUSTRY SHOW stops following written models to enter and get involved in a world of constantly changing events, creating live experiences from the hand of experts and experienced creators.

Our EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING allows the masterminds of the events to show the organizers, producers and strategists of all types of events, the latest in real experiences to implement them in the future. For the 2nd time we come back to you with the power of live experiences.

Event Industry Show


The industry is constantly renewing itself and technology is our ally to grow and innovate constantly. To continue offering the best tools in technological advances, we are back for the 2nd time with EVENT TECH ZONE, the specialized pavilion of EVENT INDUSTRY SHOW.

The most outstanding and innovative companies are part of the most important technology area within the framework of the event; providing experts in production, creativity and marketing for events with the latest and renewed trends for the industry.

After a successful first presentation in the 5th edition where 10 companies offered their products and services focused on technology, we are back to present a bigger and renewed pavilion of the sector. 

Event Industry Show


At EIS we are constantly looking for events to be the main point of business in all its aspects. Now in our MEETINGS ZONE, companies of the tourism sector come to you to complement each of your events. 

The most important companies in spaces, venues, hotels and destinations will offer you the extra that your event needs. The organization, planning and production of events such as congresses, conventions, exhibitions, brand launches, among others, need the most important elements to be carried out.

Participate as a hotel chain, destination, convention and visitors bureau and be part of Meetings Zone, at EIS 2021.

Event Industry Show